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about me

Asha Dhany RM Dip He, BSc Hons, MSc


I am now in my 20th year of delivering babies and am really excited to be able to combine two of my passions; midwifery and complementary therapies and offer these bespoke midwife led workshops in fabulous luxury settings around the Cotswolds.  I look forward to sharing my combined midwifery and complementary therapy expertise and providing my top tips and advice on getting through the last few weeks of pregnancy, birth and the early days with your baby using complementary therapy techniques and remedies.  

I can honestly say being a midwife is the best job in the world (well apart from being a mum myself to my 5 year old little girl which of course is the ‘best, best’ job)!!


As the quote I read recently said ‘what could be more beautiful than bringing new life into the world?!’ Being part of women and their family’s special pregnancy journey, the privilege of being in the room when a new life is born into it and being around to support new parents as they transition to parenthood is a real honour. 


I work within the fantastic team of Midwives, Obstetricians and Maternity Care Assistants in Gloucestershire and feel very lucky to work for a maternity service that offers such great choice for mothers and provides exemplary care.  In the week I can be mostly found training Midwives and working on maternity service improvements but at weekends catching babies usually in one of the Birth Centres.

Highlights of my career as a midwife include:

  • Setting up the Gloucestershire aromatherapy and massage service for women in labour in 2007 and subsequently have trained over 400 Midwives to provide aromatherapy and massage to women in labour

  • Becoming a Lead Midwife on the Delivery Suite in Cheltenham General Hospital in 2009

  • Being awarded a distinction in my Masters in 2010 (and getting the highest grade of anyone in the Southwest for that year!!...I cried when I found out!!).  The focus of my Master’s was complementary therapies for labour

  • Having the opportunity to go and teach midwifery in Sierra Leone in 2010

  • Setting up the Gloucester Birth Unit in 2011 and then managing it for 3 ½ years – until I had my daughter

  • Sucessfully organising and leading a National Conference for Midwives in Normal Birth in 2012

  • Becoming practice development midwife in 2015

Following my midwifery training and whilst practising full time as a Midwife, I also studied part time to become a qualified reflexologist, massage therapist and pregnancy aromatherapist. From early in my career I have always had a special interest in complementary therapies for pregnancy and birth. Many pregnant women turn to complementary therapies and during my career as a midwife I have seen complementary therapies used incorrectly and unsafely with poor consequences which made me want to thoroughly look into the use of various therapies and integrate them safely into the Gloucestershire maternity services as a choice for women.

I enjoy working in all areas of midwifery, my absolute passion is working clinically on the birth units amongst the soft mood lighting, gently infused aromatherapy oils, massaging women’s backs and supporting them through labour.  I am a big fan and advocate of waterbirths and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this type of birth.  For women with more complicated medical and pregnancy histories, it is important to me to consider ways in which individuals can safely optimise their birth experience.