Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can my partner come to the workshop with me?


The advertised workshops are intended for expectant mothers only, however if you are interested in doing a workshop with your partner please contact me as if I have enough interest for couples workshops I can put some on.  

Do you only run daytime workshops?


The advertised workshops are all daytime sessions, generally mornings 10-12.30ish.  However if an evening is more suitable for you please get in touch and If I have enough interest in an evening class I will be able to arrange one. 

How many weeks pregnant should I be when I attend the worskhop?

I ideally suggest attending the workshop between 34 and 37 weeks of pregnancy, however you are welcome to attend any time from 32 weeks of pregnancy until you give birth. 

Do I need to bring anything to the workshop with me?


You do not need to bring anything particular with you to the workshop.  Electronic handouts will be emailed to you after the session and there will be pens and paper available for you to make notes if you want.  All of the aromatherapy blending equipment, essential oils and packaging will all be provided and are included in the cost of the workshop.  If time permits and you wish to make up additional products in the session these will be chargable and payable by cash or bank transfer.  

If you are planning to stay at the venue for a spa afternoon don't forget to pack your spa wear and maybe a good book or magazine!! 

Can I only attend a workshop if I live and am having my baby in Gloucestershire?


No, absolutely not!  Anyone wherever they live or plan to give birth is welcome to attend a workshop.  My midwifery knowledge which I will infuse throughout the workshops is relevant to labour and birth wherever you plan to have your baby.  If you do live further afield why not make a night of it and book a baby moon getaway at the same time!  The venues the workshops are held at (subject to availability and advance booking) offer special discounted rates for Botanical Bump clients. Please contact me or the venues directly for more details about this.

Can I only attend a workshop if I have no medical complications and had a low risk and uncomplicated pregnancy?


There are some medical and pregnancy conditions which are contraindicated with particular complementary therapies or essential oils that we may be blending with and I am very careful not to expose any mum or baby to any potential risks. Whilst some therapies may be contraindicated with your condition there is usually other remedies I can advise you on. You are welcome to email or call me to check before booking onto a workshop if you have a particular concern. 


I ask all expectant mums to complete a medical and pregnancy questionnaire ahead of the workshop (ideally when they book) and I carefully look at all the histories to ensure I do not expose anyone to anything that could be harmful during the workshop.  On the inside of your name cards I write if there is anything you should avoid and if there is anything I particularly recommend you use in your blends.  

If I do not like the plan of care that has been suggested to me for my birth by my midwife or obstetrician will you be able to support me to change that plan?

Your care provider at the hospital will have made the safest recommendations for you and your baby and I will never question or dispute recommendations or a plan that has been made by your care provider.  Whilst I will draw on my wealth of midwifery knowledge during the classes I will not be running them in the context or capacity of a midwife and cannot provide any midwifery care during the workshops. However, I should be able to suggest complementary therapies or techniques you can try safely within the confines of your medical or pregnancy condition and plan for birth which will hopefully enhance your labour and birth experience.

If I have a concerns with my pregnancy or baby will you be able to offer me midwifery advice or check me over?

No, whilst I will draw on my midwifery knowledge and expertise to ensure the advice I provide in relation to the physiology of birth and complementary therapiy use in pregnancy and birth is safe for you, I will not be running the workshops as a practising midwife or with the relevant insurances and will always advise you to contact the maternity triage advice line, your named community midwife or GP for advice on any concerns you may have.    

How many other women will be in the workshop? 

Usually there will be 8-10 expectant mums in the workshops.  My maximum number is 12 as I like to ensure I can spend time with each individual in the second part of the workshop when we are blending the products. 

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