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Quality of essential oils available on the market varies massively.  I always say during my training sessions to midwives and expectant mothers 'think cup of tea' when choosing which brand of oils to use. If you imagine you have 10 cups of boiling water and you dip the tea bag in all 10 cups of water, the first cup you dip it in to is going to be the strongest and of best quality, as you get to the latter cups the quality is going to be very weak.






It is the same for essential oils, some are much purer and of better quality.  For aromatherapy to be effective and to get therapeutic benefit, the purest and highest quality oils must be used. If weaker oils are used aromatherapy treatment will be ineffective. Invariably higher quality oils will be more expensive. 





I have chosen to use Neal's Yard Essential Oils in my blending workshops as I love the ethical and organic principles of the company.  Neal's Yard products use only the highest possible percentage of natural and organic ingredients free from parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances and never add unnecessary chemicals.  The essential oils are 100% pure botanical essences and their products have never been tested on animals.  I fell in love with the Neal's Yard brand when I had my own baby and only wanted to use only the purest and kindest ingredients with no nasties in on her delicate newborn skin.  I also loved bathing in those early postnatal days in the amazing seaweed and arnica foaming bath and their lovely pure lavender oil.  

Neal's Yard are also the winner of the best baby brand with their gentle organic products made out of the finest purest ingredients.


In conjunction with Botanical Bump I am a Neal's Yard Remedies Independent Consultant, which means I can offer my clients exclusive offers on purchasing essential oils and mother and baby products from Neal's Yard.  Shop the Neal's Yard mother and baby organic collection below:

You can view the full range of products and order by clicking the following link:  https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/ashadhany