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2 ½ish hours in a luxury venue where you will learn about complementary therapies you can use during your pregnancy, labour and after the birth of your baby.  You will make some fabulous products to take away with you and during the session delicious botanical mocktails and tasty cake will be served!  The workshop is a fabulous opportunity to meet other yummy mummies!! You can stay on afterwards at the venue and have lunch & pamper time in the attached spa, chilling out or having a discounted massage if you want!


The aim of my workshops is to provide you with a combination of my top tips and practical advice for getting through the last weeks of your pregnancy, labour and first days as a new mum using complementary therapy techniques and drawing on my midwifery expertise.  During the workshop you will learn about various herbal remedies, aromatherapy, acupressure and reflexology techniques which are safe and effective for you to use.  In the second half of the workshop there will be a particular focus on aromatherapy blending. You will learn about a number of different essential oils and how they can benefit you in pregnancy and labour.  Essential oils have some fantastic properties that can help you at the end of your pregnancy and in labour, for example; they can help with the discomfort of back and hip pain as your baby grows, the frustration of poor sleep in those last few weeks and in labour essential oils can help with contraction discomfort, anxiety and tension, sickness, raised blood pressure as well as plenty more.   During the second half of the workshop you will blend several products to take away with you to use during the remainder of your pregnancy, in labour and afterwards which are bespoke to your particular needs and requirements. 

The properties and effects of aromatherapy oils are not to be underestimated and incorrect use can potentially be harmful to you and your baby.  Before the workshop I will ask you to complete a medical and pregnancy questionnaire so that I can ensure that I advise you to the best of my knowledge about what is safe for you and your baby and would be a good choice of remedies and aromatherapy blends for you.  

The products you will make to take away with you are:







(Value of products that you will take away with you amounts to approximately £35)


If time permits you will have the option to make additional products which will be charged separately on the day).




The workshops are all held in beautiful, tranquil and carefully selected venues around the Cotswolds.  Halfway through the workshop we will stop for some tasty treats and a botanical mocktail created by the mixologists at the venue to fit in with the theme of the workshop.  


The workshops will provide a great opportunity for you to meet other like minded expectant mums.  Meeting other women at the same stage of pregnancy to you is something I think of as paramount after experiencing the benefits myself of making lifelong friends at the antenatal classes I attended when I was pregnant . I will always be more than happy to facilitate you staying on after the workshop for lunch with other members of the group, if you have indicated on your booking form this is something you would like.  


All venues are attached to luxury spa’s which offer you the option to stay after the workshop and enjoy the facilities.  Why not make a day of it and treat yourself to a discounted spa session and/or discounted pregnancy treatments.   You will also be welcome to have a friend or loved one join you after the workshop in the hotel restaurant or spa facilities.   See the locations page for the individual hotel offers for Botanical Bump clients.  

1 x 50ml massage oil for use in late pregnancy and labour

1 x 100mls aromatherapy spritzer spray for use in pregnancy and labour


1 x 100mls aromatherapy spritzer spray for use in the postnatal period to help with healing of your tender areas!

1 x 10ml pregnancy roller ball remedy for use during pregnancy and the postnatal period


& SPA 

The day your little bundle of joy enters the world and you meet him or her for the first time will probably be the most special day of your entire life and a day you will never ever forget. But it is a given that most women feel a little bit (or sometimes a lot) anxious about it.  For the majority of expectant mums they are fearful about something.  Common worries include; will I cope with the discomfort of labour, will everything be ok with me and baby, will I be a good parent and how will my life change?  Through all of my years of experience of being with women in labour, it is clearly evident (as a wealth of evidence also backs up) that women who are less fearful about the birth will have smoother and often quicker births.  Easier said than done I know!!


My intention is for the workshop to be an enjoyable and pleasant experience which better prepares you and hopefully alleviates anxieties about the birth you have.

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